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14953 S Van Dyke Road
Plainfield, Illinois  60544

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Behavioral Health and Education Specialists


Summer Programs

Our programs are designed to develop skills in all subject areas  for students in Pre-K thru 12th grade. Classes begin in June and are typically 6 weeks long.  

Our programs can be taught to individuals or small groups (when appropriate).

We offer programs for students at each grade level.  Programs are also available for students with special needs.

Here are some of our most popular programs:

"The Write Way"
Formal Essay Writing  -  Creative Writing  -  Graphic Organizers

"The Math Attack"
Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division -  Problem Solving  -  time  -  money  - place value

"Middle School Math"
Pre-Algebra  -  Problem Solving  -  Fractions  -  Decimals  - Geometry

"High School Math"
Algebra  -  Geometry - Algebra II

"Fun With Phonics"
Letter-Sound and Correspondence  -  Word Families  -  Phonetic Rules  - Phonological Awareness

"Comprehension Catch-up"
Comprehension Skills  -  Main Idea  -  Inferencing  - Drawing Conclusions

"High School Science"
Biology - Chemistry - Physics

Call today to schedule your child for a program!

Summer programs are developed to meet the individual needs of each student.